New York 4-bedroom home has fine wood detailing throughout 

A mere three hours away from New York City, this house is the perfect answer for families looking for some peace and quiet while still wishing to be within relative proximity of the most bustling metropolis in the nation. But this place is about more than just pure convenience. Located in a quiet residential area in Schenectady, New York, this beautiful home is as colorful as it is welcoming.
With four bedrooms and a sizable backyard, this house is not only bigger than it looks, it's also a lot more affordable, with its last sale coming in at around $164,000. Below is a picture gallery from its listing on Zillow.
The entrance's design, with its vibrant colors and sloped roof, makes the front door look almost otherworldly.
The association of colors – walls, roof, and chimney – make for a truly whimsical exterior, reminiscent of a fairytale.
The flowery ornaments provide a bright frame for the double front door, made of rich reddish wood.
That wood's color is replicated throughout most of the home's common areas, with hardwood floors and warm walls matching the brick fireplace.
Most of the doors in the house carry the same theme – window-paned, wooden, and more complex than you'd expect. Double, collapsible doors give this living room a wholly original look.
Most of the furniture in these pictures matches perfectly, clearly hand-picked for its similar texture and color.
Even the kitchen retains that wooden coloring, its gray countertop turned warm and reddish by the lamps hanging above.
A separate dining table is present in this kitchen, for a cozier experience. The kitchen is also furnished with a micro-wave oven, located above the stove as a part of the cabinet structure.
Heavy wooden pillars sustain the upper floor, giving the delicate wooden area a little more magnitude.
While this separate seating room breaks from the pattern of warm-colored walls, the windows and floor retain that aspect.
This bedroom features ornate, patterned windows, which add as much flair to the interior as to the home's facade.
This upper floor room's size is offset by the amount of light that shines in through the window.
The home's backyard is lush and verdant, and features a lot of space for outdoor installations of all kinds.
There's plenty of room for creativity here, with endless decorative possibilities. Or you could just leave the garden as is and enjoy the wide open spaces.
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