Craftsman cottage offers an enviable escape from reality

Craftsman homes first started popping up just after the turn of the 20th century in Southern California. Based on the bungalow, craftsman-style homes were first designed by the Greene brothers, with the seminal Gamble House in Pasadena forever guiding the style. These homes took pride in their originality and their craftsmanship, the latter of which was always on full display.
While the Seaside craftsman featured in this article is a departure from original craftsman style, the ambiance is right on point. This cottage might be tucked away up in Washington state, but the vibe oozes laid-back California. 
The first floor of the house is dominated by one main room — a kitchen-dining-living room combination. The open layout will be like a playground to guests, allowing them to flow unfettered from room-to-room. Nobody will ever be wondering what they're missing out on in the next room over!
Turning to our left, we can see the stairwell that leads upstairs to the bedrooms, along with a peek at the bathroom and the kitchen. While the plethora of windows will keep light coming in throughout the day, the well-placed hanging lamps darted across the house will make sure there aren't any dark spots at night. 
The kitchen might have a dishwasher, but with a view like this one, you might want to wash a few by hand! The brick backsplash offers a subtle contrast between the many natural wood fixtures across the home. A standing island offers a bit of separation between the kitchen and dining spaces.
The master bedroom features custom Roman shades, but it's unlikely the owner will ever draw them — the views are too spectacular to obstruct!
This lovely rust-colored dutch door is as inviting as it gets. The large window ensures your door will never "make a better door than a window," and splitting in the middle, it'll be a cinch to let the summer breeze in without letting Fido get out. 
The owner of this home certainly has plenty of space to entertain inside the house, but the fun continues outside with a quaint porch enshrouded by plant life.
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